Real Talk for Women in Business

S2. E6 - Interview Patrina Carter - It's different everyday

June 09, 2022 Season 2 Episode 6
Real Talk for Women in Business
S2. E6 - Interview Patrina Carter - It's different everyday
Show Notes

Welcome to the Real Talk for Women in Business podcast.

On this weeks episode, Nichol is joined by Patrina Carter from Carters' Moggie Minders. 

Patrina shares her story from working as a volunteer in a Companion shelter to starting her own business. 

Today we will cover: 

  • Understanding why you are starting your own business. 
  • Educating pet owners 
  • The need for collaboration, connection and networking over competition
  • The challenges of getting into the Pet industry
  • When to say 'No'
  • Understanding the laws and regulations and Acts for your industry
  • Working through Covid. 
  • Being open to opportunities
  • Flexibility of a business owner
  • Feeling comfortable with knowing your value and raising your rates
  • Knowing whether to scale or not to scale
  • The need for back office processes to support your business
  • Using word of mouth as a key marketing strategy

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Key Messages Patrina shares:
'As business owners , we are not here to fix everything'

Links mentioned
Hawkesbury Animal Companion Shelter

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