Real Talk for Women in Business

S1. E6 - What is your version of success?

July 26, 2021 Real Talk for Women in Business Season 1 Episode 6
Real Talk for Women in Business
S1. E6 - What is your version of success?
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What does success look like for you? 

In this weeks episode, Nic is flying solo as she explores what success looks like and how this has evolved for her over the years.  

  • What success looked like at  40
  • What success looked like after leaving a stable 23-year career and launching her coaching practice
  • What success now looks like now that she is nearing  50 

During this episode, Nic will discuss her perception of what success did look like, and how this has evolved as she has got older (and a little wiser).

Nic will talk to what success looks like for her now, plus give you her top 10 tips for defining success for you.


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Success if personal, it is found and defined from within. If you worry about what others think - you will never find true success and all that it brings.

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Success to be or not to be. That is the question. In this week's episode, we explore what success really looks like and how, for me, it has evolved over the years. As I've grown older and sort of wiser. 

 Hey there. Welcome to The Real Talk for Women in Business podcast. A podcast all about helping women entrepreneurs take off in their business. We share real truths, real insights, and really practical tips when it comes to juggling all things, life and business. 

My name is Nic Stark and my business is Nichol Stark Coaching. I coach and empower women in life, business and positions of leadership. To intuitively connect to all aspects of their life so they can attract the life and business that they not only desire, but deserve. 

Now, later on, I will be flying solo occasionally to bring you bite-size high-value episodes. And well, this is one of those occasions. So you've got me today. All right, I'm going to break it down for you. I just tend to be full heart and remember having a mini-breakdown with my husband. Hands-on face in disbelief. 

I'm 40. What have I done with my life? What contributions have I made to mankind? What will be my legacy? You know, all the really hard-hitting questions. My beautiful husband turned to me and said, so having a full-time career, raising amazing children, hosting wonderful events, bringing friends and family together. That's not enough. 

 I just want you to see an image. Deer in headlights. Okay. Well, is it enough? Entering my forties, then leaving the safety of, my corporate gig, studying my own business. And now heading towards 50, I found these questions popping into my head many, many times. What does success look like? 

Throughout my corporate career, I thought success was climbing the corporate ladder. Leading hundreds of people in the big box and travelling to exotic destinations. And look, I did do this. I,  climb the corporate ladder reaching the exact level. And led thousand people. I was ending pretty decent money and I was travelling every week. 

He's essentially exotic but definitely travelling. So tick, tick, tick, and tick.  Success, success and success. Or was it. On reflection. I realized that these did not constitute what success looks like for me today. I, compromised on my morals. I was always worried about what others thought of me. I was stressed like seriously stressed, and I really didn't enjoy my executive status. 

Oh, those connections with my team. I didn't value the money I was earning and I was away from my family more than I saw them. I was sick and I was homesick. And to be quite Frank. I didn't like the person I had become. A quote from women blazing It's up to you to create the life that gets you excited to wake you up in the mornings. God, that is so true. Isn't that? 

Look, fast-forward and I made the bold decision to resign from my 23 year Curry to focus on what I wanted and how I wanted to do it. So when I started my coaching business, I want it to be flat out with clients, work from home, run workshops, webinars, and advance. See my kids off in the morning and enjoy cupper and an afternoon tea with them when they got home from school. 

I wanted to end the beatbox and joy a lot that why deserve how? Yeah. That was my success criteria. Hm. All right. Well, then late last year I had the stark realization that what I thought I wanted and what I actually did want were two completely different things. That moment of clarity is I became acutely aware of what I really wanted out of this life. 

Guess what. I don't actually want to work full-time anymore. I want to take time out to support my chronic health issues. I don't need to have millions of clients. In fact, I need time between eight clients to recharge so that I can be the best version of me for both of us. Oh, well, quality over quantity. But one to have lunch every day with my husband,  I want to have an afternoon nap if I want. I don't need to own hundreds of thousands. 

Honestly, it was. The moment that I needed. And for all these you use, I think comparing myself to something I didn't actually want or need. I remember having a conversation last year with a girlfriend? No, we've known each other for your week. We went up the ranks in the corporate letter. We worked side by side as PS. she left the corporate life six months before me and took off in her coaching business amazingly. International travel awards,  life-changing experiences. Seriously. It was phenomenal. And I found myself comparing. Myself to her life. And I actually started to get into a bit of a depressive cycle because I was comparing. 

I was comparing my life to hers, my business, to hers, what she had and what I didn't have, then it clicked my life and her life. 1 million, 1100% different. Sure I'd love that lifestyle. It would have been so cool. Or should I say? I would have loved that lifestyle. But not anymore. To be honest, after 23 years of hustle and bustle, I actually want a quiet life. 

A life that I can take the time to just be. So now I know to me, success is being with my family. Having a business. I love to show up to support business owners and leaders through my coaching programs, focusing on my health and wellbeing. Spending the first 30 minutes of my day, having a cup on the veranda greeting the day with love and excitement. 

And not worrying about what the rest of the world thinks. Molly says, this is just the beginning and it's only going to get better from here. I'll tell you what, once I had that stuff realization. I absolutely agree with that statement. So, what have I learnt during this time? Success is very personal. 

Don't compare your version of success because it's different to mine. Success is knowing you always have done your best. You are the guardian of your success? No one else can quantify or qualify you except your success. 

Understanding and accepting the difference between wanting and needing. And just because you switched direction. Pivot or reprioritize doesn't actually mean you're failing. In fact, you're probably going to, you will be more successful because you're listening to your needs and where you need to be. 

Success is taking care of you first. It's celebrating the small stuff. It's never, giving up. Success is having courage and self-belief. And you know what, leave the love of abundance because it's so important to give. And it's also important to allow yourself to receive. So I'll ask you all the questions. What does success look like for you? 📍  

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